Things You Can Do To Get Rid of Oily Eyelids

Get Rid of Oily Eyelids

Having oily eyelids is not one’s issue. There are lots of women who have oily eyelids. However, you can find different ways with the help of which you can get rid of oily eyelids. For some women, it can be very difficult to maintain makeup in place if their eyelids are oily.  Almost every women have several tiny oil glands on the eyelash line that secrete to the tear film, the oil holds water in such places and it prevents evaporation.

Causes of Oily Eyelids

There are some people who think that the oil on their eyes comes from sweat just because of their skin types. But some the skin experts contest that the shape of the eyes plays an important role in causing oily eyelids. Some other factors like hormonal changes can also lead to over-production of oil in your skin. However, there are some things that can be applied to get rid of oily eyelids.

Set Your Liner:

If you can’t stop using liner that make sure that you set the color using an eye shadow powder. When you are done with it, take an angled liner brush and an eye shadow with quite similar shades to your liner and apply the powder on your eyeliner line. Applying the powder helps to absorb the oil that has been secreted in the eyeliner and also stop it from making marks on your eyelid crease.

Skip Foundation and Concealer:

Eyelid produces plenty of oil and adds a creamy formula like a foundation or concealer will only make things worse. These can make it easier to smudge into your eyelid crease. So the best options are to use a water-based product or a mineral or powder foundation instead.

 Use Primer:

Using primer is the only simple to combat oily eyelids. It is recommended that the use of a full coverage eye shadow primer is a good idea. It shows the problems like smudging, fading and creasing. Primers help to even out your skin tone on your eyelids and it also smoothes out fine lines so that it can give a perfect canvas for your shadow.

Choose Your Liner Wisely:

If you select normal eyeliner then be ready to have it smudged if you are having oily eyelids. Eyeliners are specially made for smoky eye looks. However, the best option for oily eyelids is to opt for a gel liner instead of normal liners.

These are some of the things that can be applied by you if you want to get rid of oily eyelids. You can also try Eye Secret Eye Lids Lift. This will help you get rid of oily eyelids easily. You can notice its results after applying it for not more than two or three weeks. 

Easy Way To Get Rid Of Oily Eyelids Easily 


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