Droopy Eyelids – Causes and their Treatments

Drooping eyelid is a common issue almost every women have to face nowadays while aging. Elastin is what makes women’s skin snap back in place after being stretched. As we all get older, we produce less elastin that can lead to the skin not being able to stretch back into place as easily as when people are younger. Collagen is what provides the platform that our skin rests on. Also, we produce less collagen as people age and this is the reason why people lose that rigidity. The skin tends to wrinkle and cave and this is especially true of the thin upper and lower eyelid skin.

Get Rid of itchy Eyelids With Natural Remedies

An itchy eyelids is a common issue most of the women used to face nowadays. The problem worsens in a high polluted environment or also may be during allergy season. Itchy eye means an unpleasant itchy sensation in and around the eyes. This eyelid issue can be recurring for those who frequently touch or even rub their eyes.