Mostly bump on the eyelid is nothing but just a stye that occurs due to several causes. A stye is nothing but an inflamed oil gland on the corner of your eyelid, generally where the lash meets the eyelid. This sued to appear as red, swollen bumps that use to look like a pimple. 

Every woman wants to make themselves more attractive and beautiful. One of the things that look more attractive on your face is the longer and thicker eyelash. So, all women want to have longer and thicker eyelashes. If they do not have such eyelashes then they make use of fake eyelashes which is not good for your eye health. So, there are several natural remedies that can make your eyelashes grow longer and thicker naturally so that there will be no need to use fake eyelashes and expensive mascaras.

Sore eyes is a very short term but it describes a lot. When you are infected with sore eyes, your eyes may feel little pain and the eyes may become quite red in color. And sometimes It becomes quite difficult to, open the eyes. There are several things that can cause sore eyes. Here, you will get to know about every reason that can cause sore eyes and also you will get to know how you can treat them with some natural home remedies.

Just like other parts of the body, eyes are also the most important part of the body. It also comes in different shapes, sizes where one of the variations is hooded eyes. This is, however, incredibly common eye shape. It features excess skin folding down from the brow bone to the lash line that obscures the crease and shrinks your eyelids and it can also make your face look drowsy. There are lots of people who have this kind of eye shape from birth but sometimes, this could be the result of the lid drooping as you age. However, if you want your eyes to look beautiful with hooded one then you can try some makeup tips. Such tips will help you get rid of droopy eyelids. Below you can get the list of some makeup tips for hooded eyelids:

Eyelid cysts are a small lump that appears under your skin of the eyelid due to the blocked oil gland. Lots of reasons are there for eyelid cyst but the most common of then is the inflammation and the blockage of the oil producing meibomian glands that are present in them eyelids. However, eyelid cyst can be easily treated with some natural remedies. Are you one of them who is suffering from this issue If yes, then you can follow the below post. Here you will get the complete solution to remove eyelid cyst from your eyelids with the best effective natural home remedies. Here are the remedies that you can try:

Easy to Do Home Remedies to Treat Eyelid Cyst:

There are lots of home remedies that can be applied easily at home if you are the one who is suffering from eyelid cyst and want to get rid of it easily. You can try these below remedies at home easily:

  • You can take some cold milk and wash your eyes for a soothing effect. In order to help in healing the cysts faster, you can try evaporated milk as well.
  • One of the best remedies you can try is the readily available in water. You can take some water and then clean the eye so that all the dirt particles present in the eyes can be washed off. Also, it is better to use cold water or you can also make use of warm compress for your eye.
  • In order to treat eyelid cyst, you can take some rose water and mix little honey in it. This is the best remedy that can be taken in view if you want to get rid of eyelid cyst.
  • Also, a few drops of breast milk is known to be the best treatment for eyelid cyst.
  • You can also cut a few onions and take its juice. Now you can pour the juice on the eyelid for a quick treatment.
  • You can massage eye gently to reduce the swelling and inflammation of the eyelids.
  • To treat eyelid cyst, you can also take 300 ml water and can add 2 tablespoon coriander seeds to it. You can then allow it to boil for 15-20 min. Then you can strain the mixture and leave it t cool. After this, you can this water to wash eyes twice a day.
  • Guava leaves is another ingredient that can treat eyelid cyst. For this, you have to take some fresh guava leaves and warm then up. After this you have to place it in a clean dry cloth and then keep it on the cysts for some time. This will reduce the pain and redness in the eye.
  • A chemical content present in the Tannin in tea is very good for relief from eyelid cysts. You can take a tea bag and dip it in water and then remove the bag and press it on the eyelid where cyst is there. You can do this for about 5 times a day.
  • You can also take fresh acacia leaves and then boil them in water. Now you have to dip a clean in this water use it as a warm compress over the cysts.
  • You can take some fresh parsley leaves and then brew it for 10 min in boiling water. Now you take a clean cloth and dip it in the water. Now you can keep it over the affected area for 15 min.
  • Potato can be another ingredient you can use to treat eyelid cyst. For this, you have to take some potato and make it a paste and then on a clean cloth, spread the paste and then apply it on the affected area to reduce swelling.

Some other things you can try is the maintaining the good hygiene for eyes, washing eyes with clean water, avoid excess use of cosmetics, etc. Apart from these, you can also try the above-mentioned home remedies that are so easy to do. You can get the best result after applying these home remedies for treating eyelid cysts. 

Best Home Remedies For Treating Eyelid Cysts

Droopy eyelid is an eye condition that is characterized by drooping or sagging of the upper eyelids. Some of the times, the eyelids could sag as a part of the normal aging process. This eyelid condition could be congenital or can be developed because of some medical conditions, eye surgery or an eye injury. This eye condition can give your appearance a ‘tired all the time’ look that will absolutely not reflect your positive attitude towards life. Droopy eyelids can be corrected with some natural made remedies at home or it can also be corrected with some effective eye exercises.

Puffy eye is nothing but a situation in which the eyes start swelling due to several reasons. The skin around the eyes is very thin and is quite sensitive. Generally, puffy eyes are also a symptom of other eye conditions that can actually required by an eye-professional. If your eye puffiness are severe or they are accompanied by additional symptoms then an optometrist should be contacted about the issue. 

Why Eyes Become Puffy?

Puffy or swollen eyes can be easily caused by fluid retention, allergies, stress, hormone changes and other included factors. However, crying is another factor for getting puffing eyes because the glands present in the eyelids that produce tears become inflamed from over activity.
Some other factors that can lead to eye puffiness are the following:

  • Skin disorders such as dermatitis
  • Normal aging process
  • Eye infections
  •  Dysfunction of tear glands
  • Diet
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Contact lenses
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Allergies
  • Blepharitis
  • Styes

Some Home Remedies You can Try to Remove Puffy Eyes:

Egg Whites: Egg whites for puffy eyes are known as the kitchen cure a soufflĂ© for the face. You can whip up one or two egg whites until stiff. You can apply these egg whites with a brush or soft cloth underneath your eyes. After applying these egg whites, the skin will feel tighter and will also look less like puffy pastry.

Cucumbers: When it comes to any kind of eye issue, cucumber is the main ingredient that can be used to cure any eye issue. In case of eye puffiness as well, cucumber are deliciously cool and soothing to the touch as well as their astringent properties cause blood vessels to constricts. For this remedy, you can lean your head back and then rest a slice on each closed eyes. After this you can relax for at least five minutes to not more than ten minutes while them cukes cure your eye puffiness.

Cold Water: Eyes seem to puff up on workday mornings when you have to get ready and only 30 minutes are left. There is no time to luxuriate with tea bags and cucumber slices. Here, for the puffy eyes, cold water will work in a pinch, shine, rise and rinse your face with several splashes of cold water. The coldness you feel will constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling. Additionally, it only takes ten seconds and this can be repeated throughout the day if it possible.

Potato: The common potato pampers puffy eyes. The potato starch acts as an anti-inflammatory agent to ease irritated eyes. You can start using this remedy by pretending you are making hash browns. For this, you can peel one potato and wash and dry it. After this, you can grate the potato as fine as possible and then instead of frying it up with butter, you can place the pulp in a clean and fold so that you can make a poultice. You can then place the poultice for at least 15 minutes on your eyelids.

After trying the above home remedies, you can get rid of puffy eyes or somehow you will be able to reduce eye puffiness. Apart from home remedies, you can also try some makeup tips that will help you hide puffy eyes easily. Makeup tips are so easy to use because whenever you out from your home to attend any family function or any other office function then you apply makeup on your face and eye. So with such makeup tips, you can now fix this eye puffiness issue without nay hassle.

                  How Makeup Tips can Reduce Your Eye Puffiness