Get Rid of itchy Eyelids With Natural Remedies

An itchy eyelids is a common issue most of the women used to face nowadays. The problem worsens in a high polluted environment or also may be during allergy season. Itchy eye means an unpleasant itchy sensation in and around the eyes. This eyelid issue can be recurring for those who frequently touch or even rub their eyes.

But in order to get instant relief, you can try some natural remedies. With some effective natural remedies, you will be able to get rid of itchy eyelids with an ease.

Natural Remedies For Eye Itchiness:

  • Chamomile: In order to get rid of eye itchiness issue, you can add 1 teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers to 1 cup of boiled water and sleep for at least 5 minutes, strain and let it cool and then use as an eyewash. This may also be used as a cold compress.

  • Tea Bags: For removing eye itchiness, you can also use tea bags. For this, you can put a moist green or black teabag on the affected eye for a few minutes and repeat several times a day. If you find that your eye is swollen then moistens the teabag with cool water. As we all know that tea contains bioflavonoids that used to fight viral and bacterial infections and can also help reduce inflammation. The tannic acid used in the tea will soothe the itching.

  • Chilled Spoons: Yes, chilled spoon can also help you get rid of itchy eyes. To use chilled spoons, you can place four metal spoons in a glass of ice water and when you find that it is chilled enough then place one spoon on each eye. When the spoon becomes warm, switch then with the spoons chilling in the glass of ice water. You can continue this doing until swelling subsides.

You can try these three effective natural remedies to get rid of itchy eyelids. However, here you are getting only three natural remedies but if any of the above remedies doesn’t work for your issue then you can also try some other natural remedies to cure itchy eyelids. These other remedies will also help you get complete solution for how to get rid of itchy eyelids soon.   

Get the best natural Remedies To get rid of Itchy Eyelids


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