Home Remedies You Should Definitely Apply To Treat Sore Eyes

Sore eyes is a very short term but it describes a lot. When you are infected with sore eyes, your eyes may feel little pain and the eyes may become quite red in color. And sometimes It becomes quite difficult to, open the eyes. There are several things that can cause sore eyes. Here, you will get to know about every reason that can cause sore eyes and also you will get to know how you can treat them with some natural home remedies.

 Causes of Sore Eyes:

There are several reasons that can cause sore eyes. Below you will get the list of common reasons that can cause sore eyes:
  • Continually staring at computer screen
  • Wearing contact lenses
  • Infections and allergies
  • Sun exposure
  • Pink eye
  • Blepharitis
  • Dry eyes
  • Inadequate lubrication of eye surface
  • Rubbing eyes excessively
  • Viral infection
These are some of the most common causes of sore eyes. However, you can try some home remedies that can help you prevent all these causes. Below you can have a look at some home remedies that you should definitely try to get rid of sore eyes.

 Home Remedies To Get Rid of Sore Eyes:

These below-mentioned home remedies are so easy to try and are very effective. So, don’t miss the chance to try all these if you really want to get rid of sore eyes with an ease.

Remedy #1: Apply Cold Bread: 
You have never been heard about this home remedies but yes, this works. You are just required to get two loaves of cold bread and then place them on both the eyes. This will help decrease in the eye inflammation, which is also the cause of sore eyes, itchiness and irritation that you may feel when you are infected with sore eyes.

Remedy #2: Rose Water: 
Another effective home remedy you should try is the rose water. The process for trying this remedy is very easy. You just have to dip a piece of clean cotton wad in rose water and caress the cotton dipped in the rose water over your closed eyes. You will then soon fell the cooling sensation on your eyes and you will feel some relief.

Remedy #3: Honey and Milk Solution:
If you use a mixture of honey and warm milk then it would be quite effective for you. Honey is quite beneficial for face as it holds some anti-bacterial qualities and when it is mixed with warm milk then it becomes the best combination to treat sore eyes. You have to add warm milk to the honey and stir it well and then put this solution into your eyes with the help of eye dropper. You can repeat this solution for several times a day.

Remedy #4: Goldenseal Herbal Compression: 
Goldenseal is a herb and it is very beneficial for minimizing the eye irritation. You can add two teaspoon of goldenseal in a cup of boiled water to compress your eyes and soothe your eyes as well. You can apply this solution to your eyes for three to four times a day.

Remedy #5: Drink Indian Gooseberry Juice: 
Drinking Indian homemade gooseberry juice is quite beneficial for treating sore eyes. When this juice gets mixed with honey then it can combat several eye infections.


If you try all these remedies then you will soon be able to get rid of sore eyes with an ease. As you can see that all these remedies are so easy to prepare and apply anyone having just a few minutes time then this can be done easily even if you are working women. Apart from these remedies, you can also try some other home remedies to treat sore eyes that too are easy to prepare and apply.

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